With more than two decades dedicated to the maintenance of industrial electronic equipment, SEPTENTRIO TECHNOLOGIES is proud to be a leading provider of multi-brand service solutions. Our collaboration with renowned companies such as BONUS SIEMENS, GE, SUZLON, VESTAS, SIEMENS GAMESA, NEG MICON and ACCIONA, positions us at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Our Team

At SEPTENTRIO TECHNOLOGIES, we firmly believe that the foundation of exceptional service lies in an exceptional team. Our staff has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, composed of technical managers, inspectors, engineers, and senior and quality technicians. Each member of our team is certified according to the main quality and safety standards in the services they perform, ensuring an unprecedented performance in design, repair, installation and maintenance of electronic equipment.

Our Services

We are committed to excellence and innovation. We systematically perform preventive actions during the repair process to ensure the quality and durability of your electronic equipment. If necessary, we offer the replacement of the equipment for a new or reconditioned one, thus ensuring the continuity and efficiency of its operation.

Extending the Lifetime of Your Equipment

At SEPTENTRIO TECHNOLOGIES, we don’t just repair your equipment; we extend its useful life beyond the manufacturer’s expectations. Our strategy focuses on keeping your equipment fleet in optimal working order, which brings tangible benefits:

  • Delaying Investments: By extending the life of equipment, we postpone the need to invest in costly new replacements.
  • Preservation of Technical Training: We keep your staff up to date with the technology they already know.
  • Operational Reliability: We ensure that your equipment is always reliable and ready to perform.
  • Sustainability and Economy: Extending equipment life is not only a smart economic decision; it is also an ecological choice that is in line with current environmental and budgetary policies.

Actions for Longevity

To achieve these objectives, we implemented a series of key actions:

  • Repair and Preventive Maintenance: Beyond repairing defective equipment, we replace aging components to maintain an optimal level of performance and availability of spare parts.
  • Technology Watch: We anticipate component obsolescence and material shortages, ensuring the continuous availability of essential parts.
  • Reindustrialization: We upgrade obsolete equipment to meet modern standards of efficiency and performance.
  • Strategic Storage Management: We maintain an adequate stock of critical equipment for production, thus guaranteeing its immediate availability.

At SEPTENTRIO TECHNOLOGIES, we are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations through innovation, sustainability and service excellence. We are here to ensure that your investment in electronic equipment is long-lasting, efficient and profitable.

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